Campus Albufera's


Bathroom & kitchen

Satellite TV & Wi-fi

6 beds


You can choose among Doubled Shared, Individual Room or a whole Bungalow for you and your friends. In all cases you´ll enjoy the 15 academic hours of Spanish lessons and Free daily activities.


Tripled Shared, Doubled Shared and Individual Rooms


3 different rooms per bungalow

No. of people

Up to 6 people per Bungalow

The Bungalows will be your resting place. The cabins were built in 2011, in order to create a convenient and comfortable stay for oustudents. They are crafted with solid Swedisch pine walls and equipped with bathroom, kitchen and living room. All within the Campus.

Independent terrace

Air conditioner

tV & WI-FI

Visitor reviews

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Facebook Reviews

Silvia Huber

Lovely place. You can study Spanish, do some sightseeing, enjoy the national park, meet new friends and relax at the sea or the pool at the same time.

Deb Crawford

The only problem was that my stay was too short! Great teacher, lovely staff, nice included activities and comfortable accommodation very close to the beach. Excellent value for money! Highly recommended!

Phylly Jones

Amazing place, people, location and feels like a second home! Will come back every year until I'm fluent!

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  • Carrera Del Riu, 556, 46012, El Saler, Valencia
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