The perfect city for your stay in Spain. One of the Top 5 best European cities, due to it perfect balance.

Campus Albufera

We have a privileged location. It is just 5 minutes walking from the beach, a few meters form the village “El Saler” and facing a bus stop connecting to Valencia in 10 minutes.

A city of 800,000 inhabitants. In Valencia you can find everything that you would in a big city but in a manageable size and a quieter enviroment.

A city that combines classical and modern architecture in a surprising way.

The Valencian Community is filled with deep customs like making “Paella” and traditional festivals such as “Fallas” or “La Tomatina”.

Campus is within Albufera Natural Park. Located about 15 min. from Valencia. One of the most important ecological reserves in the Iberian Peninsula.


A cultural and entertainment complex of the city of Valencia.

A leading exponent of Mediterranean cuisine. 

Sea and sun are the perfect blend to enjoy life on the Mediterranean.


It is a place with great culinary traditions because it is the original place the “Paella” was born.

Offers visitors the opportunity to delve into habitats of wilderness where animals live in social groups of their own kind and coexistence with other compatible species, as occurs in nature.

Night and day life: Valencia never sleeps (except the “Siesta” time). Concerts, bars, museums, pubs, green areas, discos and a lot more… will keep you busy all day and night long.

A huge park that crosses the entire city. Ideal for outdoor life and sports. You will always find cultural activities and entertainment along its endless gardens.

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  • Carrera Del Riu, 556, 46012, El Saler, Valencia
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